2nd Interim Report

On 22.08.2012, the 2nd interim report  (covering the reporting period from 01.07.2011 to 30.06.2012) was submitted to FFG via eCall. The interim report consists of a scientific-technical report (part A) and a financial report (part B).

The highlights of the scientific-technical report are listed below (quote from part A of the report):

Research Achievements: Multimedia Annotation based on the Linked Media Principles

  • Investigation of Linked Data Querying with LDPath and Simulation Unification
  • Issue on “Smart Annotations” in the series of Linked Media Lab Reports
  • Design of Linked Media interaction patterns
  • Organisation of WWW Workshop “Semantic Web Collaborative Spaces”
  • Along with a total of 36 scientific publications

Development Achievements: Multimedia Annotation based on the LMF

  • Release of two versions (2.0 and 2.2) of the Linked Media Framework (LMF) as well as an One-Click-Installer
  • Extension of the developer community by establishing an Open Source platform
  • Integration of Apache Stanbol for content / media analysis
  • Integration with Google Refine for triplification

Applied Research: Exploitation of Semantic Search and Multimedia Annotation

  • Productive application of the Linked Media Principles in exploitation scenario „News and Information Platform“; implementation of the concepts developed in exploitation scenario “Sports Events” in the new release of the Red Bull Content Pool.
  • More generally, already after the first two years of the K-Project, we identify a considerable impact of the research conducted at SNML-TNG on the partners’ product and process innovation. While the content partners started to include the Linked Media Principles in the plans for the design of their information and content platforms and partly already implemented solutions based on our approach, the technology partners integrated solutions based on the Linked Media Principles into their software platforms, partly also started marketing and awareness activities to prepare their customers and the respective market sectors for the Linked Media technology paradigm.