Graduation of Apache Stanbol

There is great news for the open-source project Apache Stanbol. With the recent resolution of the board of directors of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the incubating project Apache Stanbol becomes a top-level project at the ASF. This is a big and important step to ensure that the work that has started in the EU IKS project will survive after the projects ends in December 2012. It also means that the integration of our Linked Media Framework with the semantic services for content enhancement provided by Apache Stanbol is builing on a strong basis with wide support and visibility in the Open Source Community.

Apache Stanbol was founded in November 2010 by the community initiated by the EU research project IKS. It was the result of an ongoing discussion about how to ensure that the results, especially the developed software, of IKS would be available to vendors of content management systems (CMS) after the project’s official funding period ends.

Find the full story about Apache Stanbol and its graduation on the IKS-Website.