Salzburg NewMediaLab

Salzburg NewMediaLab – The Next Generation (SNML-TNG) is a K-Project in the Austrian COMET programme. SNML-TNG was submitted in response to the 3rd call of the COMET programme in September 2009 and, after successful evaluation, conducted its research programme between 01.07.2010 and 30.06.2013.


The consortium of SNML-TNG comprises eight leading representatives from the Austrian content and media industry, which can be classified in two groups: the “technology partners” (software houses developing, selling and supporting content management systems in a specific market segment: mediamid, Semantic Web Company, Technodat), and the “content partners” ( running one or more con-tent management platforms or information systems to support their business processes:, ORF, Red Bull Media House, Salzburg AG, Salzburger Nachrichten). The consortium is complemented by three scientific partners, who contribute to the research programme in their specific research areas Salzburg Research (co-ordinator), Salzburg University of Applied Sciences (FHS), and University of Innsbruck (STI).

The research programme in SNML-TNG is strictly motivated by applying Linked Media Principles, an extension of the Linked Data principles towards the vision of the Read-Write-Web, in the enterprise and thereby helping our company partners to realise technological innovations.

The research programme of SNML-TNG ended after three years in June 2013 finds its sustainable results – amonst others – in the Linked Media Framework and in the open source  Linked Data Platform (Apache Marmotta), which are applied and extended in various research projects (e.g. MICO project) and commercial activities (e.g. Redlink). We thank our company partners and scientific partners as well as the funding organisations for the fruitful cooperation in SNML-TNG and wish a successfull future with Linked Media!